Dog Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms: 7 Early Warning Signs

Dogs can be prone to urinary tract infection (UTI). Early detection and treatment help to keep the infection at bay. If a urinary tract infection in dogs isn’t detected quickly, it can be harder to treat and may potentially lead to more serious problems.

The key for effective treatment is to recognize these 7 dog urinary tract infection symptoms

1. Frequent urination

If your dog suddenly needs to urinate more often than before, he can be suffering from urinary infection.

2. Accidents in the house

Dogs which have otherwise been fully house trained suddenly begin to eliminate everywhere except the potty area. Urinary tract infection can cause dogs to have accidents inside and outside the house as they often feel the need to go “right now”.

Before you dismiss this symptom in your dog as a behaviour or house training problem, please have him checked by the vet first.

3. Painful urination

This can be difficult to identify in dogs. However, you may notice your dog whimpers when he urinates.

4. Straining to urinate

Your dog may seem unable to eliminate. He tries to go but only urinate in small amounts or none at all.

5. Bad urine odor

Normal dog urine has little or no odor to it. If the urine smells badly, it can be symptom of dog urinary tract infection.

6. Blood in urine

Normal dog urine should be clear to slightly yellow in colour. Pink, reddish or very dark colour urine may indicate a bladder infection.

7. Weight loss and vomiting

There are various reasons why dogs vomit. If your dog vomits regularly and suffers from weight loss, it may be suffering from an upper urinary tract infection.

Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us when they are in pain, not feeling well or something is wrong or bothering them. The best way of detecting an infection is to know your dog well. Be aware of his usual habits so that you will be able to spot when something is not right with him. The earlier you find and treat a dog UTI, the better the chances of a full recovery.

When you notice any of the above mentioned dog urinary tract infection symptoms, bring him to the vet immediately for proper diagnosis and early treatment.

A simple infection can be easily treated with a course of antibiotics.

Nature’s Herbs for Pets Urinary Relief is a natural alternative to antibiotics for clearing kidney and bladder infections and  inflammation. It can also be used as a preventative for chronic problems with crystals and infection.

If the infection is left untreated, it can lead to recurrent infections or other more serious problems. Be sure to provide plenty of drinking water for your dog.

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