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Dog Lymphoma Treatment Options

Dog Lymphoma Treatment: Chemotherapy

The primary canine lymphoma treatment is chemotherapy.

A combination of drugs (multi-agent chemotherapy) or a single drug (single agent chemotherapy) may be used.

Multi-agent chemotherapy:

  • more effective than single agent chemotherapy in increasing quality of life and survival time
  • more toxic due to the number of drugs used
  • costly

Single agent chemotherapy:

  • cheaper
  • less toxic

There are numerous multi-agent and single agent chemotherapy protocols that vary in toxicity,… [Read more →]

Canine Lymphoma Treatment: Bone Marrow Transplant

North Carolina State University is the first university to offer peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for treatment of canine lymphoma. This treatment has been available to human lymphoma patients for many years. Although the therapy was developed using dogs, it has never been a standard treatment for canine lymphoma until now.

Currently,… [