Is Your Home Safe?

Dogs are naturally curious. Some will just eat anything that they can sink their teeth in. However, if your dog has access to dangerous products at your home, his indiscriminate appetite can pose a a serious danger.

You may see evidence such as mangled wrapper or chewed container to indicate that your dog has been poisoned. Or you may see evidence of poisoning on your dog and then look for the source of the poison.

Watch out for these signs of poisoning:

  • breathing problems
  • seizures
  • drowsiness
  • abnormal heart beat (fast or slow)
  • drooling/foaming
  • bleeding from mouth, nose or anus
  • burns around the mouth and nose

In extreme cases, your dog may behave wildly and out of control or he can lose consciousness. Perform life-saving measures such as CPR if necessary.

What To Do

Bring your dog and the source of poison to the vet immediately. The vet will determine whether to induce vomiting or not as some poison can cause further damage to the esophagus on the way up.

In addition, the vet may administer some form of antidote to dilute the poison, reduce its absorption and speed its way through your dog’s system. If you can’t make it to the vet immediately, call for advice on whether you should induce vomiting.


Take precaution with your dog just as you would with a child. Keep chemicals, sharp objects and medications out of reach or locked in a cabinet.


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