New York New Noise Code Silences Dogs

On 1 July 2007, a new noise code takes effect in New York. It will bring some peace and quiet to the city as it targets pooches, jingles from ice cream trucks, restaurants, bars, construction, garbage trucks and other vehicles.

The code imposes various noise limits such as time, decibel level and distance.

What’s of interest here is the time limits imposed on barking and other pet noises:
10 mins during the day (
7am to 10pm) and 5 mins during the night (10pm to 7am).

Now, if you live in New York and you own a dog that barks incessantly, it’s time to shut it up or else, expect to pay between $50 and $175 fine for the first offense, and higher for repeat offenders. Although you can’t tell your dog that it has 10 or 5 mins to bark, you can surely teach him when to or not to bark!


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