Mouth Cancer in Dogs: What Are The Treatment Options?

The primary treatment for mouth cancer in dogs is surgery. The tumor and a wide margin of healthy tissue surrounding it are removed. This may involve removing part or whole of the upper or lower jaw. The cosmetic appearance is often good despite removal of large portion of the jaw bone.

Radiation therapy is used when tumor is not completely excised or surgical removal of tumor is not possible. In the latter case, radiation therapy is used as palliative treatment.

Chemotherapy may be recommended for certain oral tumors that metastasise.

Immune modulation therapy activates the immune system to recognise and destroy cancer cells.

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Tumors located on the front part of mouth or lower jaw are easier to remove and tend not to spread.

Tumors at the back of the mouth, tongue, tonsils or upper jaw are metastatic and have a poor prognosis.

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