Malignant Melanoma in Dogs: What You Should Know

Melanoma in dogs is a tumor of melanocytes (pigmented cells).

There are 2 types of melanoma in dogs:

– benign melanomas tend to develop on the skin and do not spread.
– malignant melanomas in dogs are found in the mouth, on the toe or toenail. These are highly aggressive tumors that spread to lungs, liver, kidney, lymph nodes and other parts of the body.

Melanoma that forms in the mouth is known as canine oralĀ  melanoma.

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Canine skin (cutaneous) melanoma

(Photo: Tony Alter)

As a pet owner, knowing the symptoms of melanoma and bringing your dog for regular checkups can help in early detection of the disease.

Here are the signs of melanoma to look out for –> Symptoms of Melanoma in Dogs

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