Mass Cell Tumor in Dogs: Palladia Treatment

Palladia is the first drug to be approved by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of cancer in dogs. It is used for treating cutaneous (skin) mast cell tumors in dogs, with or without regional lymph node involvement.

“This cancer drug approval for dogs is an important step forward for veterinary medicine,” said Bernadette Dunham, D.V.M., Ph.D., director of FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine. “Prior to this approval, veterinarians had to rely on human oncology drugs, without knowledge of how safe or effective they would be for dogs. “

How does Palladia work against mass cell tumor in dogs?

Palladia is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor drug that works by:
– killing tumor cells
– cutting off the blood supply to the tumor.

It should be given orally to your dog or hidden inside a treat.

Possible side effects of Palladia:

Common side effects include:

– diarrhea
– reduced/loss of appetitie
– lameness
– weight loss
– blood in stool

Stop palladia and contact your vet if you notice the following changes in your dog:

– refusal to eat
– vomiting or watery stools (diarrhea), especially if more frequent than twice in 24 hours
– black tarry stools
– bright red blood in vomit or stools
– unexplained bruising or bleeding
– if your dog experiences other changes that concern you


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