Supplements For Dogs With Cancer: K9 Transfer Factor

What are transfer factors?

Transfer factors are protein molecules produced by lymphocytes (immune system white blood cells). Their effects on the immune system are to:
– recognise and destroy pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses)
– recognise and destroy infected/malignant cells
– slow down the overactive immune response, such as autoimmune diseases and allergic reactions

However, the body is unable to produce sufficient transfer factors when the immune system is suppressed or damaged.

What is K9 Transfer Factor?

K9 Transfer Factor is a canine grade supplement that is used with K9 Immunity to boost the immune system in dogs.

K9 Transfer Factor increases the absorption and bioavailability of the immune modulators in K9 Immunity. Transfer factors in K9 Transfer Factor bind to heteropolysaccharides immune modulator compounds in K9 Immunity, thereby bridging the gap between immune cell receptors in the body and heteropolysaccharides.

The combination of K9 Immunity and K9 Transfer Factor has a better efficacy against cancer than either product alone. They are fast-acting. Most dogs that are given this combination, experience significant improvements within the first 10 days of use. Hence, K9 Transfer Factor is highly recommended to be used with K9 Immunity for their potent effects against cancer.

K9 Transfer Factor Ingredients

  • Transfer factors derived from bovine and avian sources
  • Anti-cancer compounds IP6 and SOD to enhance the effectiveness of transfer factors

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