Dog Immune Supplements: K9 Immunity & K9 Immunity Plus

K9 Immunity and K9 Immunity Plus are immune enhancement supplements for dogs with serious health challenges such as cancer.

K9 Immunity Vs. K9 Immunity Plus

K9 Immunity consists of immune-activating polysaccharides from concentrated and purified heteropolysaccharides derived from 6 species of laboratory cultivated medicinal mushrooms. It is used in combination with K9 Transfer Factor and K9 Omega.

K9 Immunity Plus is a new and improved soft chew version of K9 Immunity, combining all three active ingredients: K9 Immunity, K9 Transfer Factor and high-potency K9 Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil, in a soft chew treat-like wafer dose format.

How K9 Immunity and K9 Immunity Plus Work

Cancer is a failure of the immune system to detect and destroy abnormal cells. As these cells multiply and increase in number, they eventually cause damage to the body. In short, cancer is an immune dysfunction disease.

The formulas in K9 Immunity and K9 Immunity Plus trigger the body to recognise and kill off abnormal cells before they cause a problem. While conventional treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy can reduce the number of cancer cells, they do not address the underlying issue of immune disorder that causes cancer.

K9 Immunity activates and enhances the immune system so that your dog can respond better to cancer treatments and enjoy an improved quality of life.

K9 Immunity and K9 Immunity Plus Ingredients

K9 Immunity and K9 Immunity Plus are made from the same pharmaceutical-grade immune-modulating compounds as the human product, Immune Assist Critical Care Formula, which is used in over 30 countries for mainstream human cancer treatment but packaged specially for dogs.

All the ingredients in K9 Immunity and K9 Immunity Plus are 100% all American made, and not imported. They are 100% USDA and EU Certified Organic, produced under strict GMP regulations in FDA registered facilities. You can be assured that K9 Immunity and K9 Immunity Plus are produced to the highest quality and are safe immune supplements for your dog.

K9 Immunity Ingredients

Proprietary Blend – 500mg

  • Organic Agaricus blazei extract
  • Organic Cordyceps extract
  • Organic Coriolus versicolor extract
  • Organic Ganoderma lucidum extract
  • Organic Grifola frondosa extract
  • Organic Lentinula edodes extract

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (Pullulan), 100% Organic White Milo (Growing Substrate)

K9 Immunity Plus Ingredients

Each 4000mg wafer contains:

  • 600mg K9 Immunity certified organic immune-active polysaccharide blend consisting of:
    Agaricus blazei, Cordyceps, Ganoderma lucidum, Grifola frondosa, Lentinula edodes and Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor
  • 160mg Colostrum ds
  • Omega fish oil: 66mg EPA and 44mg DHA

Inactive Ingredients: Calcium propionate, dried chicken liver, fish meal, flaxseed meal, glycerin USP, lecithin, maltodextrin, mixed tocopherols, citric acid, potato flour and potato starch.

K9 Immunity Plus

Does K9 Immunity Work?

Human and animal clinical studies have shown that the compounds in K9 Immunity have anti-tumour effects through the activation of the immune system and reduce the adverse side effects of conventional cancer treatment (radiotherapy and chemotherapy).

As with any supplement, discuss with your vet first if you plan on giving K9 Immunity to your dog while it is undergoing conventional treatment.




3 thoughts on “Dog Immune Supplements: K9 Immunity & K9 Immunity Plus

  1. Jim

    this stuff is amazing! our lab had a mast cell tumor and was given 2 weeks to live. we put him on K-9 Immunity Plus and in about 3 days he was walking around and being himself again. He lived for almost two years after the vet said he wouldn’t last long!

  2. Wendy Burrows

    where does one purchase K9 Immunity in South AFrica?

    1. dogguide Post author

      I don’t know if K9 Immunity is available in South Africa. I’m hoping other readers who see your comment may be able to help.


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