Immune Modulation Therapy For Dogs With Cancer

Cancer is an immune dysfunction disease. It is a failure by the body to recognise abnormal cells as invaders.

The conventional cancer therapy includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs are extremely toxic as they destroy BOTH healthy and unhealthy cells. All of these treatment methods only reduce the number of cancer cells but do not deal with the underlying cause of cancer, ie. immune dysfunction.

On the other hand, immune modulation therapy works by triggering normal immune function so that the body can recognise and kill off cancer cells. Unlike chemotherapy drugs, immune modulation compounds are not toxic as they occur naturally in food. In fact, immune modulation compounds help to reduce to the toxicity and side effects of chemotherapy, thereby improving quality of life.

Most types of cancer respond well to a combination of conventional and immune modulation therapies. Some of the well researched modulation compounds are:


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