Are there any known holistic treatments for cancer in dogs?

We all know that temporary treatment and relief from cancer in dogs is possible but a permanent cure is not, especially when metastasis has occurred and affected vital organs. Small localized cancers are curable and a dog can live a normal life. Benign tumors do not technically fall under cancer and can be removed surgically without fear unless of course a vital organ is involved.

Treating cancer, including canine and feline cancers with chemotherapeutic drugs is beset with dangers. Most veterinarians are against the use of these drugs since the affects are sometimes worse than the ailment. Mostly veterinarians suggest chemotherapy if the dog owner insists and is adamant to prolong the life of his dog, irrespective of its quality.

If you are looking for a better quality of life rather than just adding the number of years, you should look towards a holistic treatment for cancer. A natural approach is devoid of toxicity, has no side effects and attempts to fight cancer cells in a natural way. Success, of course, is not in your hands but you can provide a comfortable life to an already beleaguered animal.

The first step should be to clear the pet’s environment of all potentially carcinogenic materials and chemicals. Change his environment so that there is no contact with harmful pesticides, chemicals and toxic materials. Clean the household where remnants of these tend to accumulate. Throw out the plastic feeding bowl and use ceramic or metal. Start giving filtered water to the dog.

Homoeopathy can do wonders if a remedy is found that meets all the symptoms present in your dog. Such a remedy can prove to be one of the best tools to manage cancer.

There is a strong correlation between nutrition and cancer. Commercial pet foods available in the market carry preservative and synthetic substances that may be carcinogenic and may cause harm to the process of healthy cell multiplication. Home cooked and organic food is best for your dog’s health. If home food is not an option, opt for health foods for dogs that are available in health stores. Before buying make sure that they do not contain hormones, pesticides or antibiotics.

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You may also choose to give therapeutic level supplements of antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Many herbs also help in fighting cancer and can be given directly or along with a meal. Discuss with your veterinarian and select a few herbs and natural foods that are rich in zinc, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil or flaxseed oil have anti cancer properties and increase oxygen uptake to cells.

Caring for a dog with cancer requires dog owners to be well-conversed with the minute details of how symptoms of cancer manifest in pets. Cancer tends to remain concealed till a long time. For example, the symptoms of liver cancer in dogs are vague and are normally ignored or associated with milder conditions. Creating a program for home cancer care will go a long way in curbing the growth of cancer cells. If you can start such a program right from the time you bring your dog home, it may even prevent the dreaded disease.

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