6 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween can be a stressful time for some dogs and cats. Pets become agitated by the constant door opening and unexpected visitors. Cats may dart out of the opening door and dogs bark incessantly at kids dressed up in fancy costumes.

pet halloween safety

Here are 6 tips on keeping your pet safe and comfortable during Halloween…

1. Make sure the following items are out of reach from your pets:

  •  candy, esp. chocolate and raisin. Chocolate contains theobromine, a natural stimulant found in cocoa bean. Theobromine affects the dog’s central nervous system and muscles in the heart. It can cause increased thirst, urination, vomiting, diarrhoea and/or hyperactivity.
  •  candy wrappers and tinfoil can get stuck in your pet’s digestive system and requires the vet’s attention. Some dogs such as Labrador retrievers put everything in their mouths.
  •  jack-o’-lantern with a lit candle inside.

2. Keep your pet indoors. This prevents pranksters from stealing or harming your pet. Loud noises and crowds can be disturbing to your pet. Candy and their wrappers, broken glass and candles can cause injuries or fatality.

3. Sensitive pets should be locked up safe in a back or a separate room to prevent accidents or injuries. The constant knocking at the door and the unfamiliar costumes can cause your pet to become confused or aggressive. The last thing you want is your dog biting or attacking your visitor.

4. Ensure your pet wears a tag on its collar with your name and current address. If your dog or cat ever gets lost, there is more likelihood of it being returned to you.

5. When walking your dog after Halloween, be watchful of discarded chocolate on the ground.

6. If you dress up your dog or cat in a Halloween pet costume, make sure it is comfortable with the outfit. It should not hinder your pet’s breathing, movement and hearing. Make sure it does not have small or dangling pieces that your pet could easily chew off and choke on.


One thought on “6 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

  1. courtney

    These guidelines were very helpful! This is my first Halloween with my dog Rambo and I was nervous about the constant doorbell ringing since it seems to excite him. Thanks to these tips I now know to put him in a quieter room.


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