Dog Vaccination: The Dangers of Over Vaccination

Vaccine is either made from killed or modified forms of microbe (bacteria and/or virus). It stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies that protect your dog against the disease-causing microbe. If your dog is infected with the microbe again, his body knows how to defend against it by producing antibodies.

Why over vaccination is dangerous

Vaccinations put excessive strain on the immune system. The latter responds by attacking itself (autoimmune diseases), attacking the site of injection or worsening inhalant allergies.

Some of the potential problems arising from vaccinations are:
– immune related diseases (including immune mediated hemolytic anemia and immune mediated skin disease)
– skin cancer
– skin allergies
– arthritis
– leukemia
– inflammatory bowel disease
– behaviour problems
– thyroid disease
– recurrent ear infections
– recurrent respiratory infections
– cancer

Should you give your dog any vaccination?

Vaccinations can prevent serious illnesses but use them with caution. Consider the risk before vaccinating your dog.

Do your own research before making your decision about dog vaccination. Don’t rely on your vet for up-to-date and unbiased advice. Most of them are motivated by profit from the quantity of vaccines given.

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