Aggressive Behavior In Dogs – Preventing A Mishap

Over time dogs have learnt to live with humans. Most of the times, they are docile and lend themselves to petting. They also obey commands, if trained well. There are instances where dogs have served well as companions to senior citizens and handicapped individuals.

A well-trained dog can even run errands for you. At the same time, dogs can be unpredictable too. Although dog aggression is considered as one of the abnormal behaviors in domesticated dogs, an animal is after all an animal. Dogs evolved from wolves and retain some of their aggressive traits.

They are bound to respond to their genes and behave in accordance to them at times. However, the aggressive trait is manageable in most cases and if proper care is taken you can totally eliminate the possibility of aggression in your dog.

Aggressive dog behavior is mostly caused by the following factors:

* A medical condition
* Genetic predisposition towards dominating the pack
* A fear factor
* Maternal fears for safety of the litter
* Redirected aggression
* Inter-male rivalry and territorial aggression

Correcting aggressive behavior appropriately requires an understanding of the real cause of the aggression. There are different techniques that you can adopt to train your dog. These techniques can range from obedience training that is targeted towards establishing who the ‘boss’ is to a structured and methodical manner of desensitizing your dog to certain people or situations.

If you feel that your dog shows some signs of aggression, learning more about home care and preventing aggressive dog behavior will hold you in good stead.

Preventing dog aggression needs the involvement of the entire family, including children:

* Initially try to adopt a dog whose temperament is suited to your personality. Some individuals and certain breeds are more prone to indulge in persistent aggressive dog behavior and are therefore, difficult to manage.
* Develop a relationship with the dog right from the day you bring him home as a puppy. The relationship should be directed towards establishing that you are the leader. This is extremely important if the breed of your dog is susceptible to aggressive behavior.
* Do not allow children to interact with the dog when he is eating, chewing a bone or sleeping.
Exercise your dog daily, without the leash and let him run for a reasonable period of time.
* Hold daily obedience sessions to let him learn new lessons and revise old ones.
* Ask every member in the family to follow the protocol set by you for training sessions.
* Check the diet ingredients. The diet should meet the nutritional demands of your dog. It should be ensured that a diet that is likely to induce aggression should not be given to your dog.
* Try a natural homeopathic remedy such as Aggression Formula Spray to reduce aggressive behavior and calm your dog.

 If your dog is persistently unpredictable:

* Use a basket style muzzle and seek professional help.
* Avoid all interaction with the dog including physical punishment. Punishing can actually aggravate the present condition and may lead to dog biting.
* If you have more than one dog in the house, feed them separately. Remove all bones or rawhides that may be in his possession.
* Till such time a professional arrives, isolate the dog and confine him in a separate room.

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