K9 Immunity: Does It Work?

K9 Immunity is an immune enhancement supplement for dogs with cancer. It is made from the same pharmaceutical grade immuno-modulating compounds as the human grade Immune-Assist. The latter has been used in human patients for more than 6 years.

Does K9 Immunity Work?

While K9 Immunity is not a miracle cure for cancer in dogs, it has been shown to increase the quality of life and remission time, relieve side effects of chemotherapy and improve response to other therapies.

K9 Immunity contains polysaccharides derived from 6 species of medicinal mushrooms. Human and animal clinical studies have shown that these compounds have anti-tumour effects through the activation of the immune system and reduce the adverse side effects of conventional cancer treatment (radiotherapy and chemotherapy).

According to the manufacturer, K9 Immunity has been used in thousands of dogs with cancer. Based on customers’ testimonials, many dogs enjoyed a better quality of life and/or longer lifespan.

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