Commercial Raw Dog Food: What To Look Out For

Commercial raw dog food is a convenient alternative to homemade raw food. It is available as freeze dried or dehydrated raw dog food. These are specially formulated raw meats, vegetables and fruits, where moisture has been removed by freezing or dehydration. You only need to rehydrate with water prior to feeding to your dog.

Make sure you choose a commercial raw dog food that is balanced. Always check the label to ensure that the formulation is “nutritionally complete” or “a complete diet” for all dogs/puppies.

5 Characteristics of high quality, commercial raw food for dogs

  1. hormone and antibiotic free meat products
  2. fresh vegetables and fruits
  3. human grade quality
  4. no preservatives, colours or artificial additives
  5. grain free

Here are some good brands of raw dog food:
Sojos Raw Dog Food
Only Natural Pet – RawNibs Freeze Dried Dog Food
Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dog Food
Nature’s Variety: Frozen Raw Dog Food

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