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Commercial Raw Dog Food: What To Look Out For

Commercial raw dog food is a convenient alternative to homemade raw food. It is available as freeze dried or dehydrated raw dog food. These are specially formulated raw meats, vegetables and fruits, where moisture has been removed by freezing or dehydration. You only need to rehydrate with water prior to feeding to your dog.

Make sure you choose a commercial raw dog food that is balanced. … [Read more →]

Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat?

By nature, dogs are carnivores that are designed to eat raw meat. This is also true for other carnivores such as cats, tigers, lions, bears and wolves.

I remember the numerous times when my cat proudly brought back a dead rat in her mouth or my dog ate a dead bird in the garden…. [Read more →]

Raw Food Diet For Dogs

For thousand of years, dogs thrive on raw meat in the wild. Dogs are virtually domesticated wolves. So if you think of wolves, they hunt and eat various parts of a prey: muscle meat, organ meat, meaty bone and guts (which contain grains or greens)…  all raw, just like nature intended.

Why feed raw food diet to dogs

Dogs are designed to eat unprocessed foods…. [

High Fluoride Levels In Commercial Dog Food

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducted a test on 10 popular dog food brands for fluoride levels and found 8 of them contain 1.6 and 2.5 times higher than the Environmental Agency’s maximum allowable in drinking water for humans.

Health effect of fluoride on dogs

The effects of high fluoride levels on dogs are not known as no safe amount of fluoride for pets has been determined…. [Read more →]

Dog Raw Food Diet: Is It Safe?

I asked Dr Andrew Jones, author of Veterinary Secrets Revealed for his opinion about raw food diet for dogs. Here’s what he has to say…


The Raw Food Question… is it safe?

How should you feed it?

Do I recommend giving it?

My short answer: Raw Food is healthy for your pet…. [Read more →]

Home cooked food is the best dog food for liver health and longevity

It is a mad jungle out there when it comes to selling pet food. Seeing the number of brands, the different types of sales pitches adopted by marketers and the fancy names with tongue twisting ingredients printed on labels, it appears the focus is on attracting buyers and grabbing a share of the whopping $ 11 billion pie….. [Read more →]