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IP6 For Dogs With Cancer: 4 Benefits Of IP6 As An Anti-Cancer Agent

What Are IP6 & Inositol?

Inositol is a simple hexa-carbon carbohydrate derived from glucose. It is a member of B complex vitamins. When all of its six carbons are attached to phosphate groups, it is known as inositol hexaphosphate (IP6).

Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) is present in plant and mammalian cells. It is found in the high concentrations (0.4-6.4%) in high fibre foods such as legumes,… [Read more →]

Canine Bone Cancer: Treatment, Prognosis & Life Expectancy

Treatment for canine bone cancer involves:
– managing pain
– controlling metastasis (tumor spread)

Canine bone cancer is a very painful disease. Palliative treatment can make your dog more comfortable and increase its quality of life.

What are palliative treatment options?

Bone Cancer In Dogs Symptoms: Recognising The Warning Signs

There are 2 types of bone cancer in dogs:

  • primary, which originates from the bone
  • secondary, which is spread from cancer in other parts of the body

Secondary bone tumors are rare in dogs.

Bone tumors can affect:

  • appendicular skeleton or long bones (limbs)
  • axial skeleton or flat bones (jaw,
  • … [

Canine Osteosarcoma: Treatment, Prognosis & Life Expectancy

Osteosarcoma in Dogs: Treatment Options

The 2 goals of canine osteosarcoma treatment are:
– palliation of pain
– delaying metastasis

Osteosarcoma causes severe pain. Hence, pain palliation therapy should be considered to improve quality of life in dogs.

Palliative treatment options:

Osteosarcoma In Dogs Symptoms

Osteosarcoma accounts for more than 85% of all bone tumors in dogs. It is the most common type of primary bone tumors that is highly malignant and metastatic. This type of tumor causes destruction to the bone and tends to spread to other organs.

Osteosarcoma in dogs can affect:
– appendicular skeleton (limbs)
–… [

K9 Immunity & K9 Immunity Plus Ingredients

K9 Immunity and K9 Immunity Plus are supplements for enhancing the immune system of dogs that are undergoing cancer treatment or dogs with other serious health issues.

K9 Immunity is formulated from concentrated and purified heteropolysaccharides derived from 6 species of organic, non-GMO medicinal mushrooms:

  • Agaricus blazei
  • Cordyceps sinensis hybrid
  • Lentinula edodes
  • Grifola frondosa
  • Ganoderma lucidum
  • Coriolus versicolor

What are K9 Immunity Ingredients?… [

Supplements For Dogs With Cancer: K9 Transfer Factor

What are transfer factors?

Transfer factors are protein molecules produced by lymphocytes (immune system white blood cells). Their effects on the immune system are to:
– recognise and destroy pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses)
– recognise and destroy infected/malignant cells
– slow down the overactive immune response, such as autoimmune diseases and allergic reactions

However,… [

Liver Cancer In Dogs: Treatment, Life Expectancy & Prognosis

There are 2 types of liver cancer in dogs: – metastatic – primary

Metastatic liver cancer in dogs

Metastatic liver cancer is tumor that has spread from other parts of the body. This is the most common type of liver cancer in dogs. Treatment depends on the stage of metastasis. Due to the aggressive nature of this tumor,… [Read more →]

Turmeric (Curcumin) For Dogs: What You Need To Know

Turmeric (botanical name: Curcuma Longa) is a member of the ginger family. Its root (bright yellow spice) is a staple ingredient in curry dishes.

Curcuminoids are the bioactive compounds in turmeric. They are made up of 60–70% curcumin, 20-27% demethoxycurcumin and 10-15% bisdemethoxycurcumin. Curcumin is responsible for the yellow/orange colour of turmeric. It is the most studied curcuminoid for its therapeutic effects as it has multiple targets and mechanisms of action…. [Read more →]