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Aggressive Behavior In Dogs – Preventing A Mishap

Over time dogs have learnt to live with humans. Most of the times, they are docile and lend themselves to petting. They also obey commands, if trained well. There are instances where dogs have served well as companions to senior citizens and handicapped individuals.

A well-trained dog can even run errands for you…. [Read more →]

Biting Puppies – Train The Pup & Yourself

The first ten week period of a newborn puppy’s life is the best time to teach a puppy that biting is not acceptable. training your puppy to avoid an incidence of dog biting is crucial.

This is especially because biting comes naturally to them and it is the easiest form of dog aggression that he can resort to in situations that induce fear,… [Read more →]

Aggressive behavior caused by a dog’s diet

Understanding dog behavior is important before arriving at any conclusions about the reasons behind certain types of behavior. Much as humans feel offended at certain things and resort to aggression, dogs too respond similarly. Just as certain foods do not suit humans, there are many foods that should not be fed to dogs.

If you continue to feed your dog with a diet that disturbs his system,… [Read more →]

How To Check Aggression In Puppies

Dog biting makes up for almost half the claims made under home owner’s insurance policies. Nearly two thirds of the cases relate to biting incidents that occur with an acquainted dog. At the same time, healthy and well trained dogs are not aggressive and they normally do not bite.

There is evidence of a genetic disposition of dog aggression in certain breeds…. [Read more →]