Canine Melanoma Treatment Options

The primary canine melanoma treatment is removal of the tumor by surgery. A large margin of normal tissue surrounding the tumor is also removed to minimise the likelihood of leaving tumor cells behind. If dog melanoma develops on the toe, amputation may be necessary. For canine oral melanoma, removal of part of the upper or lower jaw may be required.

Radiation therapy is used when surgery is not possible or where the tumor has not been completely removed. This canine melanoma treatment can shrink large tumors or delay the growth of tumor cells left behind post surgery.

Chemotherapy is an ineffective form of canine melanoma treatment as dog melanoma tumor is highly resistant to chemo drugs.

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Canine melanoma vaccine, also known as ONCEPT, is used for treating stage 2 and stage 3 oral canine melanoma. Clinical studies have shown that this therapeutic vaccine significantly increased life spans of dogs with advanced oral canine melanoma. The DNA-based vaccine stimulates the body’s own immune system to destroy cancer cells. It is used in conjunction with surgery and/or radiation therapy.

A natural way to boost your dog’s immune system is through supplements. Since cancer is an immune dysfunction, immune enhancement supplements can help trigger the body to recognise and destroy cancer cells.

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