Symptoms Of Liver Cancer In Dogs: What To Watch Out For

Since the symptoms of liver cancer in dogs are non-specific, the disease is often diagnosed late or at an advanced stage.

Therefore, it is crucial to be alert and watch out for any of the general symptoms of canine liver cancer such as:

– weight loss
– loss of appetite
– lethargy
– diarrhea
– abdominal pain
– frequent urination
– excessive thirst
– vomiting
– palpable mass in abdomen
– jaundice

Other diseases can also produce similar symptoms to those of canine liver cancer. Even if your dog displays any of the above symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that he/she has liver cancer. An accurate diagnosis of the disease can be made through clinical examination and testing.

Surgery is the treatment of choice for primary liver cancer in dogs. An early diagnosis can increase survival times, especially when a tumor can be removed completely and it has not spread.

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