Raw Food Diet For Dogs

For thousand of years, dogs thrive on raw meat in the wild. Dogs are virtually domesticated wolves. So if you think of wolves, they hunt and eat various parts of a prey: muscle meat, organ meat, meaty bone and guts (which contain grains or greens)…  all raw, just like nature intended.

Why feed raw food diet to dogs

Dogs are designed to eat unprocessed foods. Feeding a raw food diet is nothing new as it resembles a canine ancestral diet.

Raw food contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.  Cooking, heat or high processing destroys/alters these nutrients, rendering them unavailable or toxic to a dog’s health.

Benefits of raw food diet for dogs

Some of the benefits of a raw food diet include:
– healthier skin and shinier coat
– cleaner teeth
– reduced allergies
– more energy
– reduced ear problems
– small, odorless stool

Processed commercial foods, made from poor quality ingredients, additives, preservatives and fillers, are not biologically appropriate for dogs. This is why they often develop various ailments and allergies from eating these dead foods. When you switched to feeding a raw food diet to your dog, you’ll notice overall improvement in its health, including a stronger immune system. Less visits to the vets means lower bills and more savings.

Raw and living foods contain absorbable nutrients that can promote natural healing. This is why feeding a raw food diet to dogs can help to prevent or heal illnesses, immune disorders and degenerative diseases.

Raw dog food components

The primary ingredients in a raw food diet for dogs are:
– raw muscle meat
– raw bones
– raw organ meats
– raw vegetables
– raw fruits
– vitamins and minerals

Alternatives to homemade raw food

If you prepare homemade raw food diet for your dog, make sure it is nutritionally balanced. Otherwise, your dog can suffer various health disorders (allergies, skeletal deformation, poor immune system, organ dysfunction, etc) due to nutritional deficiencies.

For pet owners who prefer a convenient option to homemade meals, check out commercial freeze dried or dehydrated raw dog food.


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